Ubuntu 16.10 Release Party @ Taipei


照慣例,Ubuntu 於今年 10/13 釋出第25個版本:16.10 "Yakkety Yak" 了!

Ubuntu Release Party 又來啦~

究竟,你可以在 Ubuntu Release Party 上做些什麼呢?

  • 經驗分享
  • 學習 Ubuntu 使用技巧
  • 帶著你的電腦來安裝 Ubuntu
  • 抓人幫你解決 Ubuntu 上的問題
  • 認識新朋友
  • A Ubuntu 相關紀念品
  • 拼業績,打廣告
  • 吃吃喝喝
  • 族繁不及備




趕快跟我締結契約,成為魔法少女動手填寫資料,報名 Ubuntu 16.10 Release Party @ Taipei 吧~

P.S. 誠徵願意來分享主題、使用心得的朋友~意者請與RJ聯絡喔~

Hey Guys!

The latest(25th) Ubuntu version (16.10 ,codename : Yakkety Yak) had just been released on Oct.

It's time for Ubuntu Release Party!

Well, as the name literaly means, Ubuntu Release Party (URP) is an event to celebrate the release of the latest Ubuntu version.
In Taiwan, it's a good chance to meet ubuntu lover and ubuntu *hater*. Moreover, it's also a good excuse to have delicious food with Ubuntu fans.

So, in URP, you can:

  • Share your experience
  • Learn new ubuntu tips/tricks.
  • Come with your PC/laptop to have ubuntu installed.
  • Get to know some new friends.
  • Take some special souvenirs.
  • Report bugs to canonical employees face-to-face.
  • Give an introduction to your favorite non-ubuntu Linux distro(s).
  • Launch a debate over various different kind of OS, such as Mac, Windows, or Linux of other distros.
  • etc.

So, if you are interested, feel free to drop by to say hi !
It doesn't matter if you don't speak Chinese.

摩茲工寮 / 100 台北市中正區八德路一段 94 號 3F


票種 販售時間 售價

2016/11/22 12:00(+0800) ~ 2016/12/10 12:00(+0800) 結束販售
  • 免費